World Accreditation Day 2022

June 9, 2022

World Accreditation Day provides the focus to show how accreditation and conformity assessment delivers positive solutions to address some of the globe’s most pressing issues.

The 2022 theme of ‘Sustainability in Economic Growth and the Environment’, addresses the vital issue of the need for economic growth, delivered in a sustainable manner. This brings together two vital macro issues and World Accreditation Day seeks to highlight the tools and ways accreditation and conformity assessment can provide solutions.

In their joint annual statement, the heads of  IAF and ILAC Emanuele Riva and Etty Feller state, ‘Our two accreditation organizations have long worked to support business, government, consumers, and other groups in accessing accreditation as a means to deliver enhanced economic and environmental performance. There has always been a focus on achieving these two things sustainably, but with heightened awareness, not least through COP 26, the wide range of solutions that accreditation provides, helps all organisations deliver more.’

In the World Accreditation Day video, IAF and ILAC give further details of the issues to be addressed and how the accreditation and conformity assessment community provide a whole range of tools, such as certification, testing, validation and verification. It also raises how organisations like accreditation bodies and certification bodies work with other organisations within the global quality infrastructure, such as standards developers, to address these issues and always strive for new solutions to new problems.

The joint IAF/ILAC World Accreditation Day brochure is another source of useful information, ideas and advice. This includes some guidance to the accreditation system and some specific examples, such as how the system supports circular economies.

As a key part of the global quality infrastructure, IIOA members are at the forefront of solutions in supporting Sustainability in Economic Growth and the Environment.

The IIOA members provide many services which help organisations work in a manner which is Sustainability in Economic Growth and the Environment and these can be discovered at each of the IIOA members’ websites: