DEKRA Certification is a leading global service provider in auditing and certification of management systems. We provide certification of management systems as well as technical support, testing and certification of a wide range of products. As an independent partner we ensure safety, quality and sustainability through our audits.

Our expert services comply with both national and internationally accepted regulatory requirements. The DEKRA Group employs more than 28,000 people. Our employees are committed to ensure long-term safety, quality and environmental protection.

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  • Sustainability

    The value of corporate social and environmental responsibility is undisputed, and regulatory authorities increasingly demand compliance in these areas. DEKRA experts carry out objective, third-party audits and assessments of company’s sustainability performance to build trust and foster transparency among key stakeholders.

  • Security

    DEKRA solutions to inspire trust, ensuring information security and AI – including the IT systems, components and processes involved. This includes enabling organisations to demonstrate IT security, data protection, reliability of IT processes and safeguarding AI.

  • Health and Safety

    Work safety and energy efficiency with HSE management system certification

    HSE management system certification ensures safe workplaces and the efficient use of resources. A certified system supports your efforts to maintain a strong, consistent workforce and an effective, sustainable energy policy making your company more competitive and increasingly profitable.

    Enhanced HSE performance with the DEKRA Safety Platform

    Gathering and using health and safety information effectively is key when it comes to protecting people, property and the environment as well as boosting productivity and efficiency. The best approaches combine new technologies, proven tools, trusted methodologies and data analytics expertise.

  • Supply Chain

    Supply Chain Risk Management – Protecting Operational Resilience Along The Supply Chain

    Pressures to maintain sustainable supply chains require businesses across all sectors to implement proven strategies and systems for effective risk management. Many companies now face challenges to ensure competence and compliance throughout secure and resilient supply chains.

  • Automotive and Aerospace

    Aerospace and Defense Industry – Providing global excellence in safety – Beyond mere compliance

    With decades of experience, DEKRA is a trusted partner working within the aerospace and defense industry. We provide a range of services focused on ensuring regulatory compliance, strengthening sustainable supply chains, implementing effective cyber security, training personnel and increasing performance. Our solutions are designed to meet the specialized demands of product developers and manufacturers as well as logistics and support services providers throughout the aerospace and defense value chain.

    Automotive Suppliers – Securing the future of global automotive suppliers

    The automotive suppliers sector is facing major challenges today that will directly affect the future of players at all levels; from shorter lead times to achieving enormous cost savings or zero emissions for products and production locations. With our global network of experts and huge range of testing and consultancy services, DEKRA is ideally placed to help you meet these demands.

    Automotive OEMs

    End-to-end support, from a world leader in automotive services effectiveness and productivity. With our extensive range of services, we support automotive OEMs along the entire value chain. From the earliest concept and design stages, through development and production to distribution and sales, we are at your side. We even provide a comprehensive range of aftersales services, consultancy and training to help you maximize operational effectiveness and productivity.