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IIOA is a trade association of leading international assurance bodies.

IIOA members offer a wide range of assurance services across virtually every country in the globe, with many of these assurance services backed by accreditation from accreditation bodies. These conformity assessment-based services, including supplier audits, assessments, validation & verification, training and certification are all focussed on delivering trust.

IIOA members share a common desire to ensure that what they provide are real benefits and value to those who use the IIOA’s members’ services. Conformity is the foundation for these services, with the conformity leading to business and organisational success, growth and betterment.

IIOA represents the views of its members within a wide range of partners, policy and decision makers in the conformity assessment infrastructure. This is aimed at delivering the optimum level of trust in IIOA’s members’ customers for the benefit of their customers, suppliers, regulators and other interested parties.

IIOA Members

Our Objectives

    • To support the delivery of assurance services to ensure cost effective benefits to all customers, clients and in turn their customers and stakeholders
    • To create a strong, credible representative network that represents the IIOA members and the needs of the wider assurance industry
    • To draw the worlds of standardisation, assurance and accreditation closer together to the benefit of the business community
    • To raise awareness of the benefits of assurance
    • To raise the perception and understanding of conformity assessment and other assurance services
    • To have continuous open dialogue with the business community, ensuring its needs are at the heart of driving accredited certification and other assurance services forward
    • To expand the market for the assurance services provided by IIOA members
    • To be at the heart of decision-making on regulation affecting conformity assessment  and get closer to other key stakeholders, notably customers
    • To work to a high standard of ethics and integrity
    • To promote high values of service by members to their clients and their customers
    • To communicate and liaise openly with business, regulators, international organisations and governments
    • To enable members to play a key role in helping to address the industry’s key issues
    • To foster professional development among members
    • To strive for continuous improvement and innovation
    • To work cooperatively to continually improve the reliability of the assessment process to the benefit of all key parties (i.e. clients, end-customers, assurance bodies and accreditation bodies), enhancing integrity of all outputs
    • To ensure a level global playing field, develop strong international relationships to ensure all key markets are open and unrestricted and where appropriate, that all markets comply with industry recognized accreditation schemes
    • To ensure the appropriate level of regulation and rules with accreditation, supporting the value of accreditation as a key tool in validating assurance
    • To work with accreditation bodies and other key stakeholders to ensure national rules are consistent with internationally agreed requirements
    • To work with ISO and other appropriate standards-developers to ensure the delivery of efficient, effective assurance through appropriate standards
    • To work with the IAF to help it deliver a better global accreditation system

Our Team

Marcus Long

Marcus Long

Chief Executive
Barbara Frencia

Barbara Frencia

IIOA Chair
Roman Zadrozny

Roman Zadrozny

IIOA Deputy Chair
Guillaume Gignac

Guillaume Gignac

IIOA Technical Committee Chair
Charlene Rice

Charlene Rice

IIOA Technical Committee Deputy Chair
David Holden

David Holden

IIOA Technical Committee Secretary

If you would like to find out more about the IIOA or are interested in becoming a member, please get in touch.

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