Our Vision

  • We are the independent, reliable and international partner when it comes to quality, safety and sustainability.
  • With innovative solutions, we create tangible added value for customers – in the physical and digital world.

Our mission

  • We design and inspire.
  • We support our clients in managing opportunities and risks, meeting requirements and improving their process performance.
  • We continuously develop our products and processes with a view to digital transformation and sustainability.
  • Our competences include auditing, verification, validation and certification of business processes.

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  • Automotive and Aerospace

    Quality management system (QMS) standards are crucial for automotive & aerospace suppliers as it sets rigorous QMS requirements specific to the industry. They enhance competitiveness, customer trust, and the ability to participate in supply chains for these highly regulated sectors.

  • Food and Beverage

    Throughout the world consumers need safe and nutritious food. As a result, food companies make tremendous efforts in reducing the risks for consumer exposure to contaminated or dangerous meals. Producer efforts to make sure the safety of their food products make an impact on all parts of the supply chain and contribute to an important portion of overall food production costs.

  • Health and Safety

    The objective is to successfully implement occupational health and safety into the business practice. The standard provides companies with the appropriate resources and techniques for implementing management systems into practice, thereby improving safety at work.

  • Supply Chain

    Responsible supply chain management is essential as it indicates your suppliers follow necessary environmental, social, and economic governance practices, which reflect back on your organization’s footprint. Auditing your supply chain can help you to assess your suppliers’ current compliance levels.

  • Security

    Cyber threats are becoming more complex and common as the digital world continues to expand. In the modern workplace, having an efficient information security plan in place to protect your vital data and assets is crucial.

  • Sustainability

    Companies are becoming more obligated to prove their commitment to sustainability. Business partners, policymakers, and society in general expect an increasing focus on sustainability. Expectations on reporting have increased significantly in the recent past and will keep on rising in the coming years. New responsibilities and challenges are particularly difficult for small and medium-sized businesses.