DNV is one of the world’s leading certification bodies. Through management system certification and training services, DNV helps companies manage risks, assure compliance and sustainable performance of organizations, people and value chains across all types of industries, including food & beverage, automotive and aerospace.

DNV’s digitally enabled certification services help customers manage risks and continually improve. Whether tackling quality, environmental, safety or security challenges, DNV combines technical, industry and risk management expertise to build confidence, continuity, and resilience. DNV enables its customers and their stakeholders to make critical decisions with confidence.

Driven by its purpose, to safeguard life, property, and the environment, DNV helps tackle the challenges and global transformations facing its customers and the world today and is a trusted voice for many of the world’s most successful and forward-thinking companies.

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  • Sustainability

    DNV helps companies bring ESG to life.

    Developing an actionable ESG plan starts with a durable and sustainable business strategy. It’s about how you improve your operational, asset and supply chain performance, and how you report this in a transparent way to inspire trust in your company. Implementing a certified management system is a great way to start taking a structured approach.

  • Security

    DNV helps companies keep their business secure.

    Information and cyber security has been a headline topic for several years, but it was once seen as a problem for the IT department to deal with along with the usual software bugs. The increasing number of high profile attacks and their financial and reputational consequences have seen the issue take on a new significance. A certified management system to ISO 27001 on information security or other standards can go a long way to manage security threats and build business resilience.

  • Health and Safety

    DNV helps companies safeguard employees.

    Managing occupational health & safety is essential to address workplace risks and deliver on commitments in the social dimension of ESG. From physical to psychological safety, ensuring the well-being of your work force is essential to succeed, build resilience and meet legal requirements. A certified occupational health & safety management system helps you address safety risks and improvements in a structured way.

  • Supply Chain

    DNV helps companies strengthen every link.

    Demonstrating performance is increasingly essential for suppliers to be considered and for companies to assure the performance and traceability of their products and services. From quality and safety to environmental performance, information security and other aspects, demands and scrutiny is increasing from consumers, customers and regulatory bodies. A certified management system helps any company manage its performance and trusted proof thereof.

  • Food and Beverage

    DNV helps companies assure safe and sustainable food for consumers everywhere.

    Consumers reward brands that care and to meet demands companies must manage safety and sustainability in every link and throughout the value chain. For suppliers, certification to food safety and GFSI benchmarked standards is a ticket to trade. In addition, food and beverage companies are increasingly required to manage new threats to business continuity, such as information security, and demonstrate performance on diversity, equity and inclusion.  A certified management system helps any food and beverage company safeguard their business.

  • Automotive and Aerospace

    DNV helps companies build quality and safety into every part.

    Automotive and aerospace supply chains are complex. From ensuring the quality of parts to the functional safety of software or securing sensitive information and IP rights, companies need to manage every link their value chain.  A certified management system helps build consistency and trust into every part.