Intertek is a leading Total Quality Assurance provider to industries worldwide.

Our network of more than 1,000 laboratories and offices and over 44,000 people in more than 100 countries, delivers innovative and bespoke Assurance, Testing, Inspection and Certification solutions for our customers’ operations and supply chains. Intertek Total Quality Assurance expertise, delivered consistently with precision, pace and passion, enabling our customers to power ahead safely.

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  • Sustainability

    Intertek’s Sustainability Assurance solutions demonstrate the company’s global reach and extensive expertise in sustainability across diverse markets and regulatory landscapes. With a versatile team of experts, auditors, scientists, and engineers, Intertek collaborates closely with clients to craft and execute customized, value-driven sustainability programs tailored to their specific business, operational, or product needs. Our services encompass a wide spectrum, addressing immediate environmental, social, and governance requirements while extending to the development of strategic portfolio initiatives like stakeholder engagement programs, sustainable supply chain management tools, and reporting initiatives. Intertek’s commitment to sustainability empowers organizations to not only meet compliance standards but also to excel in their sustainability endeavors, ultimately contributing to a more responsible and resilient future.

  • Security

    Intertek’s Cyber Security Assurance solutions are a crucial pillar in safeguarding the future of organizations. These comprehensive solutions are designed to equip businesses to confront the ever-evolving landscape of cyber risks. In an era where protecting critical information, systems, and data from threats like fraud, espionage, and cyberattacks is paramount, Intertek’s expertise has become invaluable. Their commitment to staying at the forefront of new cyber technologies, security trends, and threat intelligence ensures organizations are well-prepared to counter the global scourge of cyber threats, which exact a staggering economic toll each year. By implementing robust cyber security measures, businesses can proactively mitigate risks such as cyberattacks, data breaches, and identity theft while bolstering their capabilities in business continuity and sustainability management. With Intertek’s guidance, organizations can cultivate a robust understanding of network security risks and establish effective incident response plans, empowering them to navigate the cyber risk landscape with confidence and resilience.

  • Health and Safety

    Intertek’s Health & Safety Assurance solutions offer comprehensive support for organizations seeking to enhance workplace safety and ensure compliance with ISO 45001 standards. Intertek’s expert services encompass risk assessments, audits, and advisory expertise, enabling businesses to proactively identify and address potential hazards, promote a culture of safety, and ultimately safeguard the well-being of their employees. With a focus on ISO 45001, a globally recognized standard for occupational health and safety management systems, Intertek empowers organizations to streamline their safety protocols, reduce workplace accidents, and demonstrate a commitment to the highest standards of health and safety performance, all while fostering a more productive and sustainable work environment.

  • Supply Chain

    Intertek’s Supply Chain Assurance solutions address critical facets of the global supply chain, including social responsibility, security, quality, environmental impact, and sustainability. Leveraging data analytics, our comprehensive risk management approach encompasses auditing, training, and cutting-edge technology solutions that assess the entire value chain. This holistic perspective enriches your Corporate Responsibility Programme, empowering you to make informed decisions for your business and foster a collaborative culture with suppliers who embrace and exemplify your brand values. With over two decades of experience, Intertek is a foremost industry provider of supply chain assurance, dedicated to helping organizations mitigate supply chain risks and safeguard their brand integrity.

  • Food and Beverage

    Intertek provides an extensive array of food safety certification services tailored to assess your systems, processes, and products, all administered by a team of seasoned auditors. Beyond just awarding certificates, our status as an established food certification authority means we offer comprehensive support. With a global footprint, we are equipped to address your specific needs and guide you seamlessly through the entire auditing and certification journey, enabling you to confront challenges effectively and harness the full advantages. We hold accreditation to grant certifications aligned with globally recognized standards, which are considered industry benchmarks for best practices in the food sector, alongside various other nationally and internationally acknowledged standards.

  • Automotive and Aerospace

    At Intertek, our Aerospace and Automotive Auditing solutions exemplify our commitment to ensuring excellence and compliance in these highly regulated industries. Our aerospace auditing services, in alignment with AS9100 standards, offer organizations in the aerospace sector a comprehensive approach to quality management, fostering precision, safety, and reliability in their operations. Simultaneously, our automotive auditing solutions, compliant with IATF 16949 standards, provide automotive manufacturers and suppliers with a systematic framework for enhancing product quality, supply chain efficiency, and customer satisfaction. With a deep understanding of the unique challenges and stringent requirements of both sectors, our expert auditors collaborate closely with clients to streamline their processes, minimize risks, and drive continuous improvement. These services enable aerospace and automotive businesses to not only meet industry-specific standards but also excel in delivering top-tier quality and performance, ultimately bolstering their competitiveness and customer trust.