World Accreditation Day 2019: Adding Value to Supply Chains

June 9, 2019

The annual World Accreditation Day enables all in the conformity assessment sector to highlight the benefits that different elements of conformity assessment and accreditation bring.

The 2019 theme is Accreditation – Adding value to supply chains – vital for businesses, consumers and regulatory bodies. The IAF/ILAC World Accreditation Day video explains the key role of conformity assessment – certification, testing, inspection and calibration, strengthened by accreditation – in supporting supply chains.

The joint statement from the Chairs of the International Accreditation Forum Xiao Jianhua and International Laboratory Accreditation Forum Etty Feller, highlights the significance of accreditation, with accreditation agreements estimated to cover economies that represent 96% of global GDP (Source: World Economic Forum). These agreements help deliver a global infrastructure that supports trade, regulatory approval processes and vitally delivers confidence in supply chains.

The IAF/ILAC Joint World Accreditation Day brochure goes into more detail of accreditation and conformity assessment’s role in adding value to supply chains. The brochure explains accreditation’s role to evaluate the impartiality, competence and consistency of those carrying out certification, testing, inspection and calibration. Linking this to the global accreditation agreements means that constantly evolving supply chains – whether by speed, scale, depth or breadth – are supported now and in the future by the robust system of conformity assessment and accreditation.

Learn how IIOA members play a key part in adding value to supply chains here.

The role of international standards in supply chains is examined by ISO, showing how standards are improving the integrity of the supply chain.

IIOA has also contributed to UKAS’ ‘Quality in the supply chain‘ publication – ‘A guide to what makes a ‘good’ ISO 9001 audit from the perspective of the customer and an organisation certified by an accredited certification body.’