IAF/ILAC Mid-Term Meetings

April 4, 2019

The 2019 IAF/ILAC Mid-Term meetings run from 4-11 April 2019, bringing together IAF’s and ILAC’s Accreditation Body, Certification Body and User/Stakeholder members.

The meetings will look to address a range of key strategic and operational issues for accreditation bodies and their accredited certification bodies. Notable activities include strategic work on the IAF 2020-2025 Strategy and operational work looking at the lessons learnt from the recent and considerable transition activity moving certified entities to new and improved versions of standards and schemes.

IIOA plays a key role in much of the IAF work that will be carried out in Mexico City over the duration of the meetings. The IIOA team of Manuela Held (DEKRA), Leo Omodeo-Zorini (DNV GL), Guillaume Gignac (Intertek), Steve Williams (Lloyd’s Register) and Marcus Long (IIOA Chief Executive)’s active participation includes taking leading roles in many of the workstreams:

  • IAF Management Systems Certification Working Group is co-convened by Guillaume. Guillaume is also the Vice-Chair of the IAF Technical Committee
  • The crucial work on development of an IAF document to help plan out future transitions is co-convened by Leo. This will be complemented by a Transitions Workshop co-convened by Marcus, to review lessons learnt from recent transitions and take forward more efficient and effective future transitions
  • Steve co-convenes the ISO 14001 Auditing Practices Group, bringing together experts in auditing of the leading environmental management system standard
  • Marcus chairs the IAF Conformity Assessment Bodies Advisory Committee as IAF Director representing the CB association members of IAF. This Directorship sees Marcus on the IAF Executive Committee, which will crucially be working on the IAF 2020-2025 Strategy. Additionally, Marcus is on the Joint IAF/ILAC Executive Committee
  • The IAF Database Management Committee (of which Marcus is the Deputy Chair) will be taking forward the next steps in the development of IAF CertSearch, including an Update meeting for all IAF members.

More details can be found here.