Remote techniques: IAF/ILAC/ISO survey results

October 12, 2021

The Covid-19 pandemic has seen a dramatic move to remote techniques. These techniques have been used by certification bodies (CBs) for audits and by accreditation bodies (ABs) for assessments of CBs and peer evaluations. IIOA members have themselves carried out many tens of thousands of remote audits to robustly maintain the certifications of certified organisations.

The survey received almost 4500 responses from a broad range of stakeholders, mainly those who experienced the remote technique, for example as certified organisations, and those carrying out the remote work, such as certification bodies.

The overriding messages from the feedback are of a very positive response to the shift to remote techniques. It is also clear that the future should be one where a blended, hybrid approach is adopted, where on-site and remote techniques are used depending on a range of different considerations, all of which will be assessed carefully before which kind of audit technique is decided upon.

For the next steps, the full set of results is being made available to the IAF, ILAC and ISO members so they can consider all of the results, both the numbers and the comments. This will then help the three organisations and their members – including IIOA – understand the best paths to take and how to get their.

The summary report from the survey is available here.

Articles from the three organisations who produced the survey are available here: IAF, ILAC and ISO.

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