World Environment Day 2024

June 5, 2024

5 June 2024 is the UN World Environment Day.

First celebrated in 1973, World Environment Day, ‘puts a global spotlight on the pressing environmental challenges of our times. This UN international day has become the largest global platform for environmental outreach, with millions of people from across the world engaging to protect the planet.’

The day is led by the United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP). The UNEP’s mission, ‘is to inspire, inform, and enable nations and peoples to improve their quality of life without compromising that of future generations.’

Environmental management is such a vital issue in so many ways, for businesses, government and consumers, across all sectors and all countries.

Having delivered environmental solutions and services for decades, IIOA members are constantly reviewing their environmental and sustainability solutions to ensure they are always in a position to deliver more. Fundamentally, this means three key elements:

Regulation and legislation

  • helping organisations conform with increasing environmental and sustainability regulation and legislation
  • assisting those preparing this regulation and legislation to be able to use conformity assessment tools such as certification and other assurance services to actually achieve positives from the legislation and regulations.


With tools such as validation and verification, particularly for environmental and sustainability issues, IIOA members are helping organisations understand their performance, an understanding that is a fundamental foundation for improvement.

Better performance

Wherever an organisation’s environment performance ranks at any one moment in time is a stepping stone to better performance tomorrow. IIOA’s members thrive to help its customers and clients perform better through tools such as the world’s most widely used Environmental Management System standard, ISO 14001, a standard that helps organisations Plan-Do-Act-Check their way to better environmental performance.


As the impact of greenhouse gas and climate change become ever clearer, World Environment Day plays an ever more important role in addressing these issues.

More can be seen how IIOA members address the globe’s environmental issues with different environmental and sustainability solutions Sustainability – IIOA.

In addition, to assist public policy objectives relating to environmental matters, showcases a wide range of examples of how accredited conformity assessment delivers solutions for environmental issues.