Businesses, both large and small, are increasingly recognizing the importance of embedding sustainable practices throughout their organisation, from operational performance to transparent ESG reporting.

A structured, actionable plan anchored in assurance and certification services allows organisations to navigate their sustainability journey with confidence. With these services, companies can verify their carbon emissions, assure stakeholders of their commitment through credible ESG reports and adopt systems to improve their sustainability performance. With the assistance of assurance, it means that compliance in achieved and organisations are on a continuous path toward a responsible, balance and resilient future.

As the spotlight on sustainability intensifies, mere commitment isn’t enough. Stakeholders, including regulators, customers, investors and other demand tangible proof and transparency in a company’s sustainability endeavours. This is where the power of assurance and certification services comes into play. These services offer businesses the tools and expertise to craft value-driven sustainability programs, ensuring not just compliance, but excellence in their sustainable efforts. From stakeholder engagement programs to sustainable supply chain management, these services offer a comprehensive solution, tailored to unique business needs.

Each IIOA member has a range of sustainability services and solutions, detailed below. These help achieve:

  • Improved sustainability performance: Assurance and certification services can help businesses to identify and address their sustainability risks and opportunities. This can lead to improved operational efficiency, reduced costs, and enhanced brand reputation.
  • More accurate and reliable ESG reporting: Assurance and certification services can help businesses to verify their ESG data and ensure that their reporting is accurate, reliable, and transparent. This can help to build trust with stakeholders and attract investment.
  • Compliance with regulations and standards: Assurance and certification services can help businesses to comply with relevant sustainability regulations and standards.

Environmental Management  ISO 14001

Organisations certified to ISO 14001 in over 170 countries is testament to the leading management system in the sustainability field. The ISO 14001 management system delivers environmental performance focus for organisations and makes a clear statement to stakeholders about the environmental credentials of that organisation. ISO explain in greater detail what ISO 14001 delivers.

Energy Management  ISO 50001

Now firmly established as a leading management system standards, ISO 50001 is building a reputation as an invaluable tool for organisations to manage their energy usage. Helping organisations manage and reduce their energy usage delivers the twin benefits of cost reduction and reduced carbon footprint. ISO explain more about the leading energy management system standard ISO 50001.


IIOA's members' sustainability assurance services

DEKRA – Sustainability Audits & Verification

The value of corporate social and environmental responsibility is undisputed, and regulatory authorities increasingly demand compliance in these areas. DEKRA experts carry out objective, third-party audits and assessments of company’s sustainability performance to build trust and foster transparency among key stakeholders.

BSI – Sustainability

Sustainability is a multifaceted and fast-evolving topic. By taking action across a range of environmental, social, and governance (ESG) issues your organization can be an agent of positive change.

ESG and sustainability can include policy and regulation, environmental, social and moral obligations, and financial and operational resilience.

The challenge for organizations is to respond to this complex picture by taking meaningful action to benefit the environmental and social future of our planet and society, rather than risking greenwashing (where false or misleading claims about an organization’s sustainability credentials are made).

BV – Sustainability

Bureau Veritas is a “Business to Business to Society” services company. Our mission is to shape trust between businesses, public authorities and consumers.

As a world leader in audit and certification services, we support our 400,000 clients to be more efficient, more methodical and more trustworthy in their journey towards more sustainable business and a more sustainable world. Corporate Responsibility and Sustainability services are a part of our Green Line of Services & Solutions, through which we empower organizations – both private and public – to implement, measure and achieve their sustainability objectives With our expertise, our clients can measurably demonstrate the impact of their ESG actions by making them traceable, visible and reliable. By bringing transparency, we provide audit and certification services to protect clients’ brands and reputations.

SGS – Sustainability

Sustainability is embedded in our culture and the way we do business. we use our scale and expertise to enable a more responsible, balanced and sustainable future. As sustainability leaders, we are committed to promoting best-in-class practices in our sector and beyond. This is evident in our sustainability ambitions 2030 where our ambitions include targets across our entire value chain and set the path towards better governance, a better society and a better planet.

Leading by example means we help, enable and support organizations to achieve their sustainability goals through the products and services we offer, ranging from verifying carbon emissions to assuring their ESG reports.

DNV – Sustainability

DNV helps companies bring ESG to life.

Developing an actionable ESG plan starts with a durable and sustainable business strategy. It’s about how you improve your operational, asset and supply chain performance, and how you report this in a transparent way to inspire trust in your company. Implementing a certified management system is a great way to start taking a structured approach.

ABS -Sustainability

Achieving enduring sustainability depends upon having systems in place that help you meet your environmental, social and governance (ESG) goals while providing the structure you need for profitability and success today without jeopardizing your viability tomorrow.

When you partner with ABS QE, you gain access to unparalleled knowledge, skills and experience that help you better understand your company so you can identify risks and put programs and practices in place to drive efficiencies and ensure environmental stewardship.

Intertek – Sustainability

Intertek’s Sustainability Assurance solutions demonstrate the company’s global reach and extensive expertise in sustainability across diverse markets and regulatory landscapes. With a versatile team of experts, auditors, scientists, and engineers, Intertek collaborates closely with clients to craft and execute customized, value-driven sustainability programs tailored to their specific business, operational, or product needs. Our services encompass a wide spectrum, addressing immediate environmental, social, and governance requirements while extending to the development of strategic portfolio initiatives like stakeholder engagement programs, sustainable supply chain management tools, and reporting initiatives. Intertek’s commitment to sustainability empowers organizations to not only meet compliance standards but also to excel in their sustainability endeavors, ultimately contributing to a more responsible and resilient future.

LRQA – Sustainability

Our experts place clients at the heart of our ESG (environment, social and governance), sustainability and climate change solutions, offering a broad suite of services across verification, training, assessments and advisory services aimed at supporting your unique business goals. We focus on outcomes enabling you to better serve your own clients and stay ahead in your market, today and into the future.

TUV SUD – Sustainability

Companies are becoming more obligated to prove their commitment to sustainability. Business partners, policymakers, and society in general expect an increasing focus on sustainability. Expectations on reporting have increased significantly in the recent past and will keep on rising in the coming years. New responsibilities and challenges are particularly difficult for small and medium-sized businesses.