IIOA at ANAB Assessor Development and All Staff 2024 meetings

January 19, 2024

The relationships between IIOA and the key partners in the delivery of conformity assessment is key to the system’s success in delivering trust, confidence and assurance.

One example of building this relationship is IIOA at the ANAB Assessor Development and All Staff 2024 meetings.

IIOA Chief Executive Marcus Long has worked with ANAB at these events from 15-18 January 2024, including at the Validation and Verification, Product and ILR (Inspection, Laboratory and Related) Assessor Development sessions. These sessions involve a whole range of issues around the work the ANAB assessors carry out in their assessments of assurance bodies.

Separately from the ANAB Assessor Development was the All Staff meeting. At this Marcus presented on the need for collaboration between different parts of the quality infrastructure – such as accreditation bodies and assurance bodies like the IIOA members – whilst recognising the different, independent roles they have.

The importance of ensuring focus on the end result of the systems’ output was a key part of Marcus’ messaging, such as helping business get better, striving to lessen the impact of climate change through improving sustainability control and performance and helping deliver the safe food people eat.


IIOA Chief Executive Marcus Long with the ANAB leadership team, including and fellow presenters from the US Food and Drug Administration and the Global Retailer and Manufacturer Alliance to their All Staff meeting at the 18 January 2024 ANAB All Staff meeting.