DEKRA posts 2018 results

April 30, 2019

IIOA member DEKRA has posted its 2018 results.

Group revenue rose 6.6% to 3.3bn EUR. Within this, the Industrial Division contributed 940m EUR (up 4.9%) and the Business Assurance section’s contribution of 91m EUR was a 10.7% increase.

From 2019, DEKRA is restructured into eight service areas, including Audits.

Regarding future prospects, the DEKRA Annual Report notes that, ‘economic conditions are becoming more demanding. Geopolitical challenges are increasing: protectionist aspirations and the resulting barriers to trade are not yet precisely foreseeable. Brexit and possible political instability with resulting economic impact also weigh on the development of the global economy. DEKRA is not completely immune to these developments. DEKRA expects further growth. Revenue is expected to increase by 4% to 6% in the fiscal year 2019.’

Further details can be seen here in the DEKRA Annual Report 2018-2019 and the DEKRA Annual Report 2018-2019 Finance