IIOA member DEKRA reports 2021 results

May 16, 2022

IIOA member DEKRA posts its 2021 results, with revenue up 10.9% to 3.535m EUR.

Of the 10.9% growth, 10.4% was organic, 0.2% from acquisitions and 0.2% from currency.

Within the overall results, the Audit division saw revenue increase to 99.89m, EUR, a 23.3% increase on 2020. ‘The Audit Service Division’s core expertise lies in independent evaluations and certifications of management systems in accordance with national and international standards.’

DEKRA saw growth across all its geographies. It highlights three key areas, ‘Secure connectivity’, ‘Helping the customer of the AI ecosystem’ and ‘Expansion of the portfolio of sustainability services’ of key importance for DEKRA delivering to customers.

In terms of Outlook, DEKRA comments, ‘DEKRA has made a good start to 2022, with revenue for the first quarter almost ten percent up on last year. “The devastating war in Ukraine will make it difficult for us to maintain this momentum,” Stan Zurkiewicz said. According to the DEKRA CEO, growth in Germany, Europe and the world will shrink as many industries face disruptions to their supply chains and a shortage of raw materials as well as intermediate products. He also anticipates that high energy prices will continue to fuel inflation. Despite these uncertainties, DEKRA is planning ambitious growth of around five percent for 2022. DEKRA expects to see increasing investment in cyber security, for example in the automotive industry.’

The full DEKRA 2021 report can be viewed here.