November 6, 2023

IIOA has morphed from IIOC.

This simple change has been completed for two fundamental reasons, both of which demonstrate a focus on assurance.

IIOA’s members wide range of assurance services

The change to IIOA emphasises that IIOA members offer a wide range of assurance services across virtually every country in the globe, with many of these assurance services backed by the deeper assurance of accreditation and other oversight. These conformity assessment-based services, including supplier audits, assessments, validation & verification, training and certification are ALL focussed on delivering trust.

Delivering assurance

The core factor which brings the IIOA members together is the focus on the outcome of the work IIOA members deliver – assurance. This focus is to ensure that those who rely on IIOA’s members’ customers – THEIR customers, suppliers, regulators and/or other interested parties, can understand the real value of that organisation.

This focus on assurance, with conformity as the base foundation, will ensure the work of IIOA’s members leads to business and organisational success, growth and betterment.


IIOA will continue to work at the heart of the quality infrastructure,including with Partners such as IAF and ISO. The primary objective of this work is to ensure that the standards IIOA members deliver against, plus the policy and procedures to which they work are continuously monitored, reviewed and developed to ensure value for the beneficiaries of the IIOA members’ work.

More on this part of IIOA’s work can be seen here in the Events section.

IIOA Chief Executive Marcus Long further explains this change in this video.

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