IAF-ILAC Joint Annual Meetings 2023

November 10, 2023

The IAF-ILAC Joint Annual Meetings are the one of the most important gatherings in determining and managing global accredited conformity assessment.

It is fabulous opportunity for the accreditation, conformity assessment body and user community to get together and bring their different perspectives of how the system develops, ensuring it continues to develop trust to as wide a group of stakeholders as possible.

Some of the key issues under discussion include:

  • Working towards bringing the two accreditation organisations (International Accreditation Forum and the International Laboratory Accreditation Cooperation) together in a new body
  • Enhancing understanding of the IAF MLA (multilateral agreement) which supports key issues such as global trade by confirming the equivalence and harmonization of accreditations
  • Expanding the work on sustainability activities, helping organisations with their sustainability reporting activities and improving their sustainability performance
  • Moving towards the database of accredited management systems certifications IAF CertSearch being fully populated in a 2024. This will be a vital tool for verifying the validity of certificates issued by IAF accredited certification bodies, invaluable for  supply chain managers, regulators and a whole host of other stakeholders.

Alongside these strategic matters, the IIOA representatives will be working with colleagues from accreditation and assurance bodies on a wide range of technical matters.

IIOA is represented at the IAF/ILAC Joint Annual Meetings by IIOA Chief Executive Marcus Long , Leo Omodeo-Zornin (DNV), Guillaume Gignac (Intertek) and Charlene Rice (SGS).