‘Transformative technology techniques’ paper highlights the next steps in assurance services from IIOA members

January 24, 2022

The Covid pandemic saw a dramatic shift in the assurance world, as certification bodies reacted swiftly to the need to switch on-site audits to remote audits.

This change maintained the certificates of hundreds of thousands of sites, ensuring organisations were kept up-to-date with their performance based on the standards they work to and vitally ensured the safety of all those involved in the audit and certification process.

Whilst a highly successful mobilisation of a new way of auditing, it was a couple of underlying matters that are perhaps far more significant. In particular two points:

  1. The positive manner in which those being audited have taken to remote auditing makes it very clear that they are open to change based on technology and new ways of working
  2. IIOA members are embracing new techniques and ideas for auditing to take assurance services further in the value and benefits it offers.

To demonstrate this, IIOA has produced a paper exploring, ‘Transformative technology techniques‘ which, ‘enable Assurance Services to meet evolving industry needs’.

In this paper, IIOA showcases two key elements:

  1. what its members do to deliver remote auditing
  2. how IIOA members have pushed further forward with new services, plus the use of new technologies and techniques.

The October 2021 IAF/ILAC/ISO survey of remote techniques showed the hugely positive view of those both experiencing and carrying out remote audits, assessments and evaluations. Embracing this positivity with other new techniques sees IIOA members push auditing and certification forward. Download the Transformative technology techniques paper to find out more about how the next step in assurance services is happening now.