Supply Chain

Assurance and certification services play a pivotal role in enhancing supply chain resilience and efficiency, vital support as supply chain management has become more intricate and vulnerable to disruptions than ever before.

By working with IIOA members, organisations gain access to a wide array of supply chain assurance services, spanning social compliance, environmental management, quality control, information security, sustainability, governance, and health and safety. These services ensure transparency and traceability, fostering greater trust among consumers, customers, and regulatory bodies, which is crucial in a world where performance validation is increasingly essential.

IIOA members can supply a comprehensive approach to supply chain management, helping organizations build reliability, integrity, and performance within their operations. Quality management systems implementation enables the creation of a robust and adaptable supply chain that can navigate changing circumstances while adhering to quality and compliance standards. Such services bolster supply chain resilience, ensuring that organizations can meet their commitments and safeguard their reputation.

Through a risk management approach combining data analytics, auditing and technology solutions to assess the entire value chain, IIOA members can empower businesses to make informed decisions and cultivate a culture of collaboration with suppliers who align with their brand values. In an era where responsible supply chain management is synonymous with environmental, social, and economic governance practices, auditing the supply chain is indispensable for assessing supplier compliance levels and ensuring a sustainable, responsible business footprint.

IIOA members have a whole range of supply chain solutions, many of them built on a core of three world’s three leading management system standards, for quality, environmental and health & safety management.

Quality Management ISO 9001

With over 1.1m certificates around the world, ISO 9001 has the widest appeal of any management system scheme. With its very clear emphasis on focussing the whole of an organisation to delivering the needs of its customers, ISO 9001 is seen across the globe as the certificate which delivers organisational improvement and customer and client satisfaction.

Environmental Management  ISO 14001

Organisations certified to ISO 14001 in over 170 countries is testament to the leading management system in the sustainability field. The ISO 14001 management system delivers environmental performance focus for organisations and makes a clear statement to stakeholders about the environmental credentials of that organisation. ISO explain in greater detail what ISO 14001 delivers.

Health & Safety Management ISO 45001

Certification to ISO 45001 is a key tool in organisations managing their health & safety risks. Certification demonstrates the seriousness with which an employer takes its health & safety responsibility, making a strong and clear statement to employees and other key stakeholders how important this is to the organisation. More details from ISO on their leading health & safety management system standard ISO 45001.

Supply Chain

IIOA's members' supply chain services

DEKRA Supply Chain Risk Management

Supply Chain Risk Management – Protecting Operational Resilience Along The Supply Chain

Pressures to maintain sustainable supply chains require businesses across all sectors to implement proven strategies and systems for effective risk management. Many companies now face challenges to ensure competence and compliance throughout secure and resilient supply chains.

BV – Supply Chain

Supplier risk management is becoming a critical issue for companies large and small. Consumers increasingly demand that the products they buy are produced ethically. They are quick to call out issues in upstream supply chains, resulting in damage to a brand’s reputation.

 Social responsibility audits and supplier risk assessments offer a rigorous process to identify and manage risks in your supply chain and protect your brand image. They enable you to set objectives, track progress over time and ensure your suppliers continually improve. Bureau Veritas offers audits to a wide range of industry standards as well as customized supplier audits. We have distilled our years of expertise into a compliance checklist which can be tailored to the specific needs of your business.

SGS – Supply Chain

As supply chains become more internationalized, they naturally become more complex, making them increasingly prone to disruptions caused by a lack of supplier visibility. Weak points in your supply chain and undetected issues can impact cost and time, and cause reputational damage and shareholder and stakeholder distrust.

SGS supply chain assurance services provide auditing and verification across a multitude of areas and content. Whether using our checklists, customized programs and/or industry-driven initiatives, we are a trusted partner for deploying your program.

We offer subject expertise and supplier assurance solutions in many areas, including:

  • Social compliance
  • Environmental management
  • Quality management
  • Information security
  • Sustainability
  • Governance
  • Health and safety
DNV – Supply Chain

DNV helps companies strengthen every link.

Demonstrating performance is increasingly essential for suppliers to be considered and for companies to assure the performance and traceability of their products and services. From quality and safety to environmental performance, information security and other aspects, demands and scrutiny is increasing from consumers, customers and regulatory bodies. A certified management system helps any company manage its performance and trusted proof thereof.

ABS – Supply Chain

At ABS QE, our approach to supply chain is designed to help organizations improve the reliability, integrity and performance of their supply chain operations. The implementation of quality management systems can help to create a resilient and efficient supply chain that can adapt to changing circumstances while meeting quality and compliance requirements. Some of our services include: Supplier Audits and Assessments, Risk Management, Quality Control, Sustainability, Cybersecurity, Business Continuity and Corporate Social Responsibility, among others.

Intertek – Supply Chain

Intertek’s Supply Chain Assurance solutions address critical facets of the global supply chain, including social responsibility, security, quality, environmental impact, and sustainability. Leveraging data analytics, our comprehensive risk management approach encompasses auditing, training, and cutting-edge technology solutions that assess the entire value chain. This holistic perspective enriches your Corporate Responsibility Programme, empowering you to make informed decisions for your business and foster a collaborative culture with suppliers who embrace and exemplify your brand values. With over two decades of experience, Intertek is a foremost industry provider of supply chain assurance, dedicated to helping organizations mitigate supply chain risks and safeguard their brand integrity.

LRQA – Supply Chain

No two supply chains are the same, and together, we’ll help you identify and manage the increasingly complex risks to key projects and wider supply chain, ensuring your suppliers deliver safe, compliant products.

TUV SUD – Supply Chain

Responsible supply chain management is essential as it indicates your suppliers follow necessary environmental, social, and economic governance practices, which reflect back on your organization’s footprint. Auditing your supply chain can help you to assess your suppliers’ current compliance levels.