Health and Safety

For businesses and other organisations, a robust approach to health and safety is paramount. Addressing occupational health and safety risks not only fulfils regulatory and/or legal obligations but also reflects an organization’s commitment to its workforce – its most valuable asset.

By leveraging assurance and certification services, such as the ISO 45001 Health & Safety Management System certification, organizations can proactively prevent work-related injuries and ill-health, streamline their safety protocols, and adopt internationally recognized best practices. Such certifications not only ensure a structured approach to workplace safety but also resonate with stakeholders, enhancing trust and brand loyalty.

Furthermore, aligning with a certified occupational health & safety management system enables businesses to comprehensively address both physical and psychological safety, fostering an environment of resilience and well-being. IIOA members offer a range of health & safety assurance services, ensuring that businesses remain updated, compliant, and primed for excellence in health and safety. This commitment to prioritizing safety not only boosts operational efficiency and sustainability but also resonates with consumers and stakeholders, fortifying an organization’s reputation and credibility in the market.

Health & Safety Management ISO 45001

Certification to ISO 45001 is a key tool in organisations managing their health & safety risks. Certification demonstrates the seriousness with which an employer takes its health & safety responsibility, making a strong and clear statement to employees and other key stakeholders how important this is to the organisation. More details from ISO on their leading health & safety management system standard ISO 45001.

Health and Safety

IIOA's members' health and safety services

DEKRA Health & Safety

Work safety and energy efficiency with HSE management system certification

HSE management system certification ensures safe workplaces and the efficient use of resources. A certified system supports your efforts to maintain a strong, consistent workforce and an effective, sustainable energy policy making your company more competitive and increasingly profitable.

Enhanced HSE performance with the DEKRA Safety Platform

Gathering and using health and safety information effectively is key when it comes to protecting people, property and the environment as well as boosting productivity and efficiency. The best approaches combine new technologies, proven tools, trusted methodologies and data analytics expertise.

BV – Health & Safety

Businesses face growing compliance demands related to workplace-related illnesses and accidents.

In addition, consumer expectations for social responsibility are greater than ever, injury and fatalities related to Occupational Health & Safety risks are extremely costly to society. The ISO 45001 Health & Safety Management System certification by Bureau Veritas supports organizations in proactively preventing work-related injury and ill health. ISO 45001 certification requirements follow the same High-Level Structure as other ISO management system standards, streamlining the implementation of several certification standards simultaneously. It also aligns with existing certification standards such as the International Labour Organization OSH Guidelines and ILO International Labour Standards and Conventions. Working with Bureau Veritas for your certification proves your commitment to excellence. Bureau Veritas is a world leader in health and safety program training and certification, respected for its reliability, sustainability and trustworthiness.

SGS – Health & Safety

Safeguarding people and processes at work through recognized quality management system certification.

Your workforce is your most important asset. If you demonstrate to your customers and stakeholders that safety is given the highest possible importance in your business, you increase trust and brand loyalty. Working with SGS towards occupational health and safety certification keeps you up to date and offers you a simpler pathway to compliance.

DNV – Health and Safety

DNV helps companies safeguard employees.

Managing occupational health & safety is essential to address workplace risks and deliver on commitments in the social dimension of ESG. From physical to psychological safety, ensuring the well-being of your work force is essential to succeed, build resilience and meet legal requirements. A certified occupational health & safety management system helps you address safety risks and improvements in a structured way.

ABS – Health and Safety

The implementation of quality management systems (QMS) is imperative to protect against catastrophic events that can lead to dire consequences for customers. At ABS QE, we'll help organizations in healthcare, medical and pharmaceutical manufacturing, as well as beauty products, to understand the market complexities to better ensure processes are running safely and efficiently.

Intertek – Health & Safety

Intertek’s Health & Safety Assurance solutions offer comprehensive support for organizations seeking to enhance workplace safety and ensure compliance with ISO 45001 standards. Intertek’s expert services encompass risk assessments, audits, and advisory expertise, enabling businesses to proactively identify and address potential hazards, promote a culture of safety, and ultimately safeguard the well-being of their employees. With a focus on ISO 45001, a globally recognized standard for occupational health and safety management systems, Intertek empowers organizations to streamline their safety protocols, reduce workplace accidents, and demonstrate a commitment to the highest standards of health and safety performance, all while fostering a more productive and sustainable work environment.

LRQA – Health & Safety

LRQA is an expert voice in the development of leading occupational health and safety (OH&S) standards and is trusted by businesses of all sizes and sectors to certify management systems, inspect equipment and verify performance. Our services provide you with the assurance that your systems and processes are robust and effective, driving the long-term sustainability of your operations and helping you to comply with regulations.

TUV SUD – Health and Safety

The objective is to successfully implement occupational health and safety into the business practice. The standard provides companies with the appropriate resources and techniques for implementing management systems into practice, thereby improving safety at work.