SGS posts 1st half 2020 results

July 21, 2020

IIOA member SGS has posted its 1st half 2020 results, dominated by the impact of the Covid-19 pandemic.

Overall, revenue declined to 2.65 billion CHF, down 14.9% at constant currency (20. 7% actual).

Across the different divisions of SGS, revenue declined between 5.3% and 18.2%. Certification and Business Enhancement revenue declined by 9.6% . On Certification and Business Enhancement, the report notes that, ‘The division was impacted by travel restrictions and lockdowns preventing auditors from visiting customer premises. Management System Certification declined less than divisional average as customers continued to maintain their certification. The implementation of remote auditing solutions allowed SGS to support clients in the challenging environment.’

SGS note that, ‘What has become clear, as the pandemic has unfolded, is that the TIC sector’s role in society has become more relevant. We expect that some of the increased intervention and a global focus on laboratory testing, hygiene inspection and supply chain security will continue.’

The SGS report on the 2020 half year results can be seen here.