Intertek posts 2019 Half Year Results

August 6, 2019

IIOA member Intertek has posted its 2019 Half Year results.

Revenue rose 4.9% at constant currency, 7.0% at actual rates.

The Products Division, which includes Business Assurance, saw its constant currency revenue match the group increase at 4.9%.

Intertek notes in its announcement that, ‘Our Business Assurance business delivered good organic revenue growth as we continue to benefit from the increased focus of corporations on risk  management, resulting in strong growth in Supply Chain Audits and increased consumer and government focus on ethical and sustainable supply.’

In their Outlook statement, Intertek state, ‘Looking further ahead, the global Quality Assurance market will benefit from attractive growth prospects driven by an increased focus of corporations on risk management, global trade flows, global demand for energy, expanding regulations, more complex sourcing and distribution operations, technological innovations, government investments in large infrastructure projects, and increased consumer demand for higher quality and more sustainable products.’

The full announcement can be seen, here, with further details on the Intertek website.