IIOA member Intertek posts 2018 results

March 6, 2019

IIOA member Intertek has posted its 2018 full year results.

Headline revenue increased 4.7% at constant currency to £2801m (+1.2% actual). This included 3.7% organic revenue growth (1.2% actual).

The Products division which includes Intertek’s Business Assurance activities grew 6.6% (constant currency).

Of Business Assurance, Intertek noted ‘Strong Organic Growth’ in 2018, driven by: ‘Increased focus of corporations on supply chain and risk management; ISO standards upgrades and Increased consumer and government focus on ethical and sustainable supply’.

For 2019, the outlook for Business Assurance was of, ‘Robust organic growth’, driven by factors including organisations seeking, ‘Improvements in safety, performance and quality’.

Further details can be viewed here.